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PP not so fishy anymore?

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    • Blinzler
      Joined: 04.03.2005 Posts: 7,456
      it is not tough to play, there are fishes at every limit, at some however they are not loose passive but the weak tight pseudo players who play very weakly both preflop and postflop compared to the limits they play. On the higher limits SH is very fishy on PP up to 5/10 i know this and above i have heard it from other people.
      Some limits/times other sites are maybe fishier but Party is still among the top 3 i would say.
    • bl4cksky1
      Joined: 19.05.2006 Posts: 48
      You are right: a lot of weak tights nowadays, but still it is harder to play.
      Are there chnces that in the future law in US will change and fishy loose passives will be in action again? Or maybe PP will allowy Americans to play again. They re still not banned from other places.

      What winrate or limit should I reach to be accepted as a coach in Polish section?
      My current wr on 0.1/0.2 is 4BB/100.


      good trenning today
    • Stefan1000
      Joined: 24.01.2006 Posts: 1,649
      I can only talk about the limits i play and $5/$10 and above is perfect. And 0.5/1 on Party is just a big fish tank (my friend is playing this limit)

      The days after the us players were banned have been really bad but now PP recovered from that shock.

      All in all don't expect the us players to come back. Instead sooner or later the inescapable will happen that other poker sites have to leave the US market too.

      But anyway there will always be players disussing which poker site is better and which is not :D A neverending story.

      To become a coach at PokerStrategy your winrate is not that important. Your poker knowledge is the thing we are interested in.

      And to improve your poker knowledge 3 things are important:

        1) reading the articles (more then only once :D )

        2) be active in the sample hand boards!!! (very important - i guess 70% of my poker knowledge comes from the sample hand boards)

        3) listen to the coaching/view stoxtrader coaching videos

      Best regards,