Hey all,

So yesterday I bought PT3 with the new laptop I got. Figured with the smaller screen it would be better than Elephant (big screen coverage). So now I have an all in EV graph and I noticed something odd.

After the flop I got my pocket Ts in against AK. Villain has 6 outs with 2 cards to come so my all in EV should have gone up. Villian hits a K on the river so my actual winnings should have went down while my EV should have gone up right? Next I flop nut straight A high. 2 Spades are on the board and a guy pushes me all for 100BB. I call and he has a flush draw. I get my money in good right? According to my EV graph my all in EV went down, along with my actual winnings when he spiked a spade on the river.

I was always under the impression that all in EV went up when you got your money in good, and all in EV went down when you got your money in bad. The results of the hand only did 2 things, move with the EV line if your hand or your opponents hand holds, or move away or toward your EV line if you suck out or get sucked out on.

If this isn't the case can someone please explain, because it seems to me this is not happening on my graph.