I was invited to play a live MTT one rebuy or add on 80 pls £10 in leeds over the weekend with my friend, i have not played MTT's for a while or live for that matter so before the event i had some time to pass so decided to come to PS for a little brush up, i watched TribunCeasars MMT videos and set off

The 1st playable hand was KK it ended up all in i was sucked out by some fool with QJ i was left with 700 chips from 5000 then got 66 pushed got a family pot and hit a 6 on the river to get me back in from there I played well and finished in 5th for £110 finally going out from BB pushed with 7bb with A9s and ran into AK

I really thought I played well with help from PS and TribunCaesar so Thanks !! I think I will keep playing them!!