trying to beat nl50

    • Julyof4th
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      Well.. I really dont have that much time to play anymore, due to loads of work and my dear gf. But to be honest i cant really put down the cards. Therefor I'm gonna try beating nl50 when i do find the time for it. My start brm is $300, which i know is way of true brm. But i really dont play with "scared money" at these stakes. I'm not gonna lvl up before i reach proper brm. So i think i'll have it cosy with nl50 for a long time, due to the few hands i'll be playing.

      I have already played my first 1k hands. And though some will call it running good, I really think I'll be able to have a win rate about 10-15/100bb in the long run if i do a good job with table selection. Coz at these stakes are almost like the Norwegian fjords. Loads of fish.

      Wish me luck..

      stats so far:
      hands: amount won: bb/100
      1118 $216.42 19.36

      $483(lost $40 on 3 rebuys 1 add on in $10) so I'll try to keep my mind on CG.
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    • Julyof4th
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      a slow 2 hours today. 2-tabled while i watched tv..
      profit of $40 and a stat of 13/100bbs.. had a real dry spell with the cards. and got beaten twice by 2 outers. All in all i keep raising more to my BR.

      Br: $522

      Hopefully i get to play some hands this weekend aswell.. As my gf is away until monday. Still have to go to work in 7 hours though.
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      Best of luck to you...keep at it :f_grin: