First Deposit after Starting capital

    • thebigheizung85
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      Hey guys,

      i had my starting capital years ago at party poker.... but now i am interested in taking a second site... am i eligible for a first deposit bonus if i never deposited there before?

      just to make it clear, i moved to stars, so playing party poker would be my second site atm

      thx for your help
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    • luitzen
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      You have to look in your bonus section if there's any bonus. Every now and then they'll temporary give you a deposit bonus. You could also try to e-mail their support and ask if you could get a deposit bonus.
    • thunderbird56
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      Hello thebigheizung85,

      I assume you are talking about a bonus on your deposit with PartyPoker. If you plan to come back after a long time, there is a great possibility that they offer you a reload bonus. Look at your bonus page and if you don't find any, just write them an email.

      Good luck at the tables!