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2 very basic questions about SSS

    • schnorro
      Joined: 02.01.2007 Posts: 19
      I have a few very-beginner-questions.
      I've read the beginner-articles about Texas hold'em no limit and decided to follow the Short Stack Strategy as close as possible for the moment.

      1)Your stack is very small (around 20BB) and you pretty much always go all-in with a good hand. So if an opponent calls and you win the pot your stack should be bigger than 25 BB (this is the point where the article tells you to leave the table)
      Question: Do you leave the table and come back with less money everytime you win the pot? This sounds kinda strange...

      2)When I wanted to start at the microlimit tables at PP (2/4 cent blinds) i realized that the minimum buy in is 2$. Thats too big for SSS, right? what can I do about it? change to 0.05/0.10 tables? or just try to adapt the strategy to make it fit?

      I hope this was the right forum to post these questions... thank you very much.

      See you,
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    • FaithKoala
      Joined: 13.12.2006 Posts: 23

      First off, I am just a regular member of pokerstrategy like yourself and fairly new to SSS aswell so what I say might not be 100% true, but:

      1) Yes. You leave the table once your stack reaches 25BB (2.50 at .05/.10 tables). This is just to protect yourself. The SSS is a beginner frienly strategy that often takes away a very tricky part of the game - the post-flop decision making. If you're stack is larger than 25BB you are bound to make a lot more decisions post-flop hence the game will be trickier.

      2) I think the strategy also says that one should start at .05/.10 tables because at the .02/.04 tables the minimum buy-in is the same, which means it is bigger than 20BB of the limit. So if you want to follow the Short Stack Strategy you should skip the very first limit and start at NL 10$ .05/.10 tables.

      Hope I was able to help.
    • Stefan1000
      Joined: 24.01.2006 Posts: 1,649
      What FaithKoala said is absolutly right.

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      Best regards,