Hello everyone!
I've been playing poker for some time now, and I played with more or less success everything- from NL SSS to cash and SNG HU.I was going OK with NL SSS, went as far as NL200 and took some shots at NL400, but started to lose control over BRM and decided to cash out almost all my winnings.
I havent played for 6-7 months, had to finish university, got a job etc., so now I decided to play poker, this time with more disciplined BRM, less leaks and more learning.So I deposited 300 $ on FTP where I will be starting from NL50, and I will be using 30 BI BRM. Hope I will move up in limits as fast as posible and to have your support when downsvig comes.
This much for now, thanks for reading, teslasecreatweapon