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Sit and Go and me

    • FaithKoala
      Joined: 13.12.2006 Posts: 23
      I have been playing poker for about a year now, and even though I always liked the concept of SnGs I never really played them too much. Perhaps one or two a day on various pokerrooms.

      Now I signed up with PS some 3 weeks ago and at first started building my bankroll on cash tables. And it was all going pretty well. Good days, bad days, upswings and downswings. But I managed to boost my bankroll a little past 300 without too much trouble.

      I had a little downswing though a couple of nights ago and I noticed that I had gone on a bit of a tilt so I decided to steer clear of the cash tables for a little while. Played a few rookie freerolls and some PP tournaments and read various articles on poker and then decided to play an SnG with a friend. It went good, I finished second behind my friend. And it was a lot of fun.

      I decided to play one more, a bit worried about my bankroll not being quite big enough I decided I wouldn't play more if I don't at least break even. After 6 SnG-s I was about 4 dollars up. Not too bad, I thought to myself.

      Today I saw the new SnG articles and thought I'd give it another shot today. Because I still kept thinking of the downswing I had on cash tables and decided it still might not be the best idea to go back there. Seeing in the article that a 300 bankroll is about enough to play 3$ buy-in sng-s I decided to try my hand at it.

      Now I finished my first ever longer SnG session. I played 19 SnG's with an overall ROI of 55,5%. And the most important thing for myself is that I had fun playing the SnG's and I felt really really comfortable. Sure, I took a few badbeats and flew out 9th or 10th a few times, but no matter how shortstacked I was I always knew that with a little luck from the poker fairy and playing right myself I would have no problems. I am nowhere near as confident in cash tables. Maybe it is because I am still learning the SSS and I am not used to playing it, but right now I don't even think I want to go back at this point.

      The further an SnG goes the more confident I feel, which is weird, because I have never felt confident on shorthanded cash tables.

      Obviously I don't think that the 25 SnG's are enough to prove a point. And after calculating my ROI and finding out that it was as high I was really surprised and I wouldn't be too surprised if I wasn't able to keep it that high over a stretch of say 200 games.

      But right now I am really sure, that at least for the time being, I want to keep playing SnG's. I have way more fun doing that and I feel a lot more confident. So the reason I posted here was to find out if anyone has any tips for a SnG beginner. What poker books or articles should I read and study and how to improve myself further? How big of a skill difference is there in 3$ and 6$ buy-in SnG's for example?

      Thanks for your time :)
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    • HoRRoR
      Joined: 11.02.2005 Posts: 10,692
      Guess you talk about PartyPoker

      skill difference 3$, 6$ and 11$, there is hardly any difference.

      the biggest difference is the rake, so i suppose to move up to 6$ or even 11$ as fast as you can or better to say, as fast as your bankroll allows you to ;)

      well and the two articles, sng for beginners and bankroll managment are enough for the beginning i guess

      harrington as book is a good advice too

      and coaching, which will be introduced soon ;)