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Bad beat jackpot

    • Mugge88
      Joined: 29.10.2006 Posts: 510
      I was wondering if someone had calculated/wanted to calculate how high the bad beat jackpot should be before it is worth the extra rake to sit down at a jackpot table at partypoker.

      I'm playing 0,5/1 FL, FR in case someone wanted to give it a try based on my criterias.

      The calculation should include the following:

      Chance to get a bad beat (lose with four 8's or higher) - payout 50% of the jackpot.

      Chance to give out a bad beat (win over four 8's or higher) - payout 25% of the jackpot

      Chance to be at a table when a bad beat occurs - payout 25%/8 of the jackpot.

      How much rake will be payed to the bad beat jackpot before you will recieve some cash (0,5$ for each hand with a 5$+ pot)?

      When will it be +EV to sit down? = result

      I don't know if its possible to make an approximately calculation, but i guess that some of you math wiz' could try.

      Good luck and best regards
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    • Stefan1000
      Joined: 24.01.2006 Posts: 1,649
      Actually on the german board someone already made such a calculation.

      The problem is i can't find the thread anymore (because of our search function not working proparly at the moment) but it was around 200k.

      But you also have to adept to the limit you are playing on the higher limits it the additional rake doesn't matter that much.

      It doesn't make any sense for 0.5/1 (fixed limit) to play on these jackpot tables because the rake is just too high.
    • Mugge88
      Joined: 29.10.2006 Posts: 510
      If you find the calculation please post it here - and btw i'm quite sure that it will be +EV to sit at jackpot tables at 0,5/1FL at some point. The question is just if the jackpot will ever get big enough, since it might be several millions before its worth it.
    • frzl
      Joined: 25.04.2006 Posts: 9,876

      BBJ Level Required for +EV: Level Limit Full - Short Handed
      $0.50-$1.00 NL:__$233,000 - $250,000
      $1-$2 NL:_______$289,000 - $303,000
      $2-$4 NL:_______$322,000 - $307,000
      $3-$6 NL:_______$310,000 - $296,000
      $5-$10 NL:______$278,000 - $264,000
      $10-$20 NL:_____$253,000 - $240,000

      $2-$4 Limit:_____$130,000 - $205,000
      $3-$6 Limit:_____$149,000 - $235,000
      $5-$10 Limit:____$177,000 - $301,000
      $10-$20 Limit:___$189,000 - $325,000
      $15-$30 Limit:___$198,000 - $333,000
      $20-$40 Limit:___$329,000 - $553,000
      $30-$60 Limit:___$302,000 - $507,000
      $50-$100 Limit:__$307,000 - $516,000
      $100-$200 Limit:_$300,000 - $504,000

      unfortunatly it starts with 2/4 fl ;)
    • Mugge88
      Joined: 29.10.2006 Posts: 510
      Thanks alot

      Since there's no calculations its a little hard to tell how he found out those numbers, but as far as i can see the BBJ should be less than 130k on my limit

      Very usefull table btw - should be stickied somewhere