Pokerstars VISA cashout

    • Schnitzelfisch
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      I have a question regarding this:

      Cashouts, processed to CFT eligible VISA, Maestro and Solo cards that are above the total amount deposited, will be sent for processing within 72 hours. Please allow 3-10 days after your cashout has been processed for the funds to appear on your statement.

      First of all, the transaction is direct, right? I should be able to access the money on my VISA card within 72 hours since I've made the request, right?

      The second thing I'd like to know is, what is this statement thing (the last sentence)? Is it like a report that I recieve from my bank or what is it?


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    • Avelia
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      I'm sure you're correct with how you can access your funds that you cashed out from Poker Stars up to 72 hours after you requested a cash out and also the 3 - 10 days to appear on your statement is referring to your bank statement that you receive I think on average about once a month from your bank which provides you with a record of transaction done for the month on your account.


    • opal99
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      Not really ;)

      1. "72 hours" is the time PokerStars have to send you money.. In other words, your money can stay in their account for another up to 72 hrs before they decide to send them to you.

      2. "3-10 days" is the time your bank will credit those money to your account/VISA card...

      3. "appear on your statement" means the same as #2: to be credited to your account, so you can go to your local branch and ask for current (let's say last 30 days) statement... as soon as money were credited, they appear as one of the transactions on you bank statement ;)

      edit: those 72 hours are there because of weekends and/or bank holidays as it can happen they're not able to send the payment if you ask for it on Saturday (their bank will proceed payment on Monday morning logically). If you e.g. withdraw on Monday during the bank hours, your money are usually send immediately and you ca enjopy them on Thursday (or Friday).. just my experience :)