thank guys

    • jpbothawyn777
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      I just realized yesterday how much my poker has improved the last few moths.

      I have always read the articles but in November Stefan suggested I should more regularly use the boards and post hands. This has made a vast difference and when I started reading the sample hands, my thought process started to go in the right direction. After that I started to go to the coaching and that helped me a lot too. I'm glad where i am now but there is still a far way to go.

      What I’m trying to say is thank you to all of you for the help you have given me, especially blinzler and Stefan !
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    • Stefan1000
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      Thx a lot for that compliment.

      And yap Blinzler is doing an awesome job, evaluating all these hands.
      I am happy to have him around here. But also the other coaches like Benjo and our new coach Alaton who is doing also a great job. I really like his coaching.

      So now it is important to keep up what you've done so far. Read articles, post hands, visit coachings.

      Anyway it is good to hear a comment like that. So i hope we can keep everybody satisfied. And don't forget as soon as you don't like something about what we do, just let me know.
    • wilm
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      I would like to take this chance to say some thx to :)

      I started playing serieus Poker in late November and i was totally new to all of this. Now a few months later im really making progress. And i think Pokerstrategy has alot to do with that. I didnt break records yet but i learned alot allready and im sure i will learn even more in the future.

      Big Thank you for that guys...really appriciate it.