Poker software?

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    • MrMardyBum
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      Hold 'em Manager or Poker Tracker 3 are the best two imo.

      HEM is #1 for me, but ask around and I think it's a fairly 50/50 split between the two.

      If you are just starting out, then elephant should do everything you need it to.
    • PokemasterTT
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      I use Realtime HUD, it's freeware and it is very fast.
    • spadesnaces
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      I use HEM, and love it! I have tried lots of other different software including pokertracker 2&3, calculatem pro, spadeye, and also some freeware.

      Holdem manager is awesome and does everything I need it to do now with the Omaha upgrade added, and with the table selector.

      I used PT2 for a while and liked it, but when I tried out pt3 for the 60 day free trial, I was very disappointed by the amount of problems it had. That was only a month after it was released, though.

      Calculatem pro was IMO a waste of money, and wouldnt recommend it.