• tuk4tuk
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      Hello to all,
      I recived bankrol to fulltiltpoker so have few question:

      1)How many strategypoint get for say 100FTP
      2)Do I get rackback if i clering firist bonus 50$
      3)are sss profitable to play on nl 25 if i deposit some money?
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    • LuborC
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      1) I get 1SP for 3,5FTPs but I only play SNGs so..
      2) Yes. The bonus cleared is deducted from your gross rake though.
      3) Yes, playing poker with a good strategy is profitable.
    • blowkonijn
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      If you sign up for the iron man challenge at fulltilt, you can track your fulltiltpoints there in a schedule. If you roughly devide your ftppoints by 4, you'll end up with pspoints. So 100ftppoint are roundabout 25 pspoints. And yes, you can play sss profitable, for example, i made allready 1200 dollars out of 50 in 3 months time. I play sss now at nl100 and still profitable. But just learn how to play it better and better, that's what's building your br. Good luck at the tables :D