NL 0.5/0.10 SH Top pair on the flop

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      This is a hand I've played recently and I can't really make a decision on the right play. Here is the situation:
      It is a SH (6max) 0.5/0.10 blinds no-limit. I have been playing on this table for just about approx 45min. I have just won a big pot (~6$) against a loose player (PlayerA) and I have reason to beleive he got aggravated as he is starting to play very aggressively post-flop.
      The hand in question is as follows:
      My stack size is at 16.30$ and PlayerA has 7$ in front of him. I am first to act with K10o (MP2) and I decide to raise 0.30$ to steel blinds and because the other players are rather passive and I can easily fold against a reraise. Every folds except for PlayerA (SB) who calls. Flop comes: 3s 8s Kd. Pot is at 0.70$, PlayerA bets into me 0.54$ and I raise 1.60$ with my top pair. I do this because I am confident at this point that I have the better hand. I think he would have re-raised me with KJ, KQ, AA before the flop because he is a fairly loose player. This is where he then re-raises to 2.40$ (approx min-raise).

      I am not sure what the right decision is here and whether it is profitable to call or raise all in seeing he only has 5$ left.
      This is the first hand i posted on this site and I forgot to record the hand history sorry! Help would be greatly appreciated!
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