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    • goldendiamonds
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      hi everyone,
      yesterdayevening i became third at a 45 person sit and go and won 45,00dollar.After this one i started a new one this time with a buy in of 10 and 1 dollar.
      I became at the finaletable.then there where 4 left.Imade a stupid call and lost half my stack,but so i thought they where quit agressive and i thought they bluff a lot.
      Then i got kk..........the guy with the greatest stack raised half his stack,8000chips.Icalled and then checked.He raised all in,i won.
      So there where three.Number 2 had a stack of 7000,also bluffed a lot.the other person put this guy down.Now there where two of us,but he also was the leader now with a stack of 430000.Myself 34000.I decide to be patient because the guy bluffed a lot.But i guess my kk changed his mind because he folded 3 times and his stack went down to 14000.
      Last round i found myself j.a suited,but i just called.He raised all in,i called but thought o my god what if its aq,or ak ,or worse aa?
      you never gues the flop???????????????????
      aaj.the turn 9,the river 3 ..................I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      154 dollar.
      It was at Pokerstars.So,im doing well right now and thats really good for my selfesteem and my faith in poker..............kind regards golden diamonds
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    • p0kerQT
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      Hi goldendiamonds,

      Nice win, but I hope you are sticking to bankroll management. To play 9 or 18 mans 50 buyins is reccomended. If there are more players (27, 45+) you should be playing with at least 100 buyins. I wish you the best of luck at the tables!