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ICM Software

    • cyzo
      Joined: 19.07.2008 Posts: 117
      When I put the same situation into three different ICM calulators, I get three different results (ICM Trainer, sng Wizard, and


      CO: 2000 chips
      BU: 2000 chips
      SB: 2000 chips
      BB: 12000 chips

      Since they have this feature, the sng wizard and tools were told that the payout structure was .5, .3, .2

      ICM trainer CO push: 17.9% 22+, A7s+, A4s, A5s, ATo+, K9s+...
      sng wizrd CO push: 19.0% 33+, A2s+, A7o+, KJs+... CO push: 15.2% 88+, A2s+, ATo+, K9s+...

      Which of these three, if any, follows the optimal strategy? These differences are significant enough to make a difference in ROI. How am I to make the correct play?
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    • Stretch00
      Joined: 25.04.2009 Posts: 29
      I would be more inclined to believe SNGWizard that tool is highly spoken about across all boards!
      Maybe you could help me w/something,I don't meen to hijack you post but I cant seem to get any answeres,here it is;

      Could someone please help me.I have never really used ICM before and don't know how to determine the information.
      If some one could explain,or point me in the right direction to learn how to use the ICM trainer' and more importantly how to understand the information #s it produces,and how to use that in my own game analysis to plug leaks I would be very grateful.
      Here is an example hand I had played and put in my ICM Trainer the HERO is SB;

      ICM stack size PSH RNG PreEQ Post EQ EQ Dif
      utg= 20411 22.47% 0.2474901 0.2496205 0.00213
      sb= 78247 100% 0.3638984 0.3616267 -0.00227
      bu= 100312 84.62% 0.3886115 0.3887528 0.000141