• cyzo
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      When I put the same situation into three different ICM calulators, I get three different results (ICM Trainer, sng Wizard, and HoldemResources.net).


      CO: 2000 chips
      BU: 2000 chips
      SB: 2000 chips
      BB: 12000 chips

      Since they have this feature, the sng wizard and holdemresources.net tools were told that the payout structure was .5, .3, .2

      ICM trainer CO push: 17.9% 22+, A7s+, A4s, A5s, ATo+, K9s+...
      sng wizrd CO push: 19.0% 33+, A2s+, A7o+, KJs+...
      holdemresources.net CO push: 15.2% 88+, A2s+, ATo+, K9s+...

      Which of these three, if any, follows the optimal strategy? These differences are significant enough to make a difference in ROI. How am I to make the correct play?
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    • NickParkes
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      Firstly what are the blinds?

      Secondly there is too much other information missing to explain the differences... basically the differences come down to hero's edge and oppositions calling ranges... I don't know about HEresources but I do know that ICM trainer uses the equilibrium model which basically puts villains on optimal calling ranges and SNG wiz you have to manually adjust the ranges...

      In a real game situation your pushing range from CO or BU or SB can vary from game to game depending on your opponents...
    • cyzo
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      100/200 with no ante
      All three of these claim to approximate the Nash equilibria with ficticious play.
    • LuborC
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      I don't know about holdemresources.net. The range seems to be a bit too tight especially not pushing more pockets..

      ICM trainer uses Nash when hero's edge is set to 0. The default setting is 3% and you obviously get a bit different ranges then..
      SNG wizard doesn't even claim to use Nash as far as I know. It has 3 different sets of default ranges. Neither of those are very good IMO. The reason why SNG wizard is such a great tool is that it allows you to give villain certain range and then have the software calculate what your optimal range is.