Elephant need a patch

    • Dykiller
      Joined: 19.02.2008 Posts: 168
      It's been a while since last update.

      Not only that but once in a while the villains stats all reset to 1 hand sometime, but it goes back to normal once the said hand finishes.

      It pretty anoying when your in a serious spot and you like to check the stats. Some stats arent working, etc.
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    • mishkagg
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      Dude, report the bugs, it's still a beta.

      Btw, I've never had those issues you're describing.
    • themagpiespg
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      Hi I've seen this problem on my system before. it wasn't an elephant problem but a lost internet connection for a few seconds. So this could be the problem u had so if it happen again check ur connection if it not this then report the bug hope this helps.
    • galam
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      Well you are true that there hasn't been any update in the last time but what you are talking about is feature not a bug. This is a filter responding to the number of players at the table, please check that.

      Greets Sebastian