the heartbreaker

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      ok..ok i know ill get shot to pieces with regards to by BRM.. but hey im gonna tell the story neways :)

      my BRM was just over $110 on partypoker...and i decided to throw my arm at the NL 11 (10+1?) tournament that had sum K guaranteed payout..with 350 entries and top 40 payout.

      Doing quite well in (about 55 left)... i was dealt this hand... mebe i played it wrong.. sure.. but it happened nonetheless (!ps!: sorry 4 the layout i have no software for tourney hands atm.)

      Blinds 300/600

      and the player involved:

      MP2[Hero] 32k
      CO 38k
      SB ~18k
      with assorted players making a near full FR table.

      Hero dealt TdTc

      Hero open raise to 1500
      CO calls
      SB raises to 4000
      Hero, CO call

      FLOP (12.6K) : Th Jc Ts

      smugly i looked at this and freely said... im not gonna lose this pot.. so how to win some chips!!.. check..all the way round (kinda expected a push or something from SB).

      TURN (12.6K): Js

      still happy i check...all round again

      RIVER (12.6K): Qd

      now the fun begins

      i throw in a 6K bet, min raise by CO to 12K and a push to ~14K by SB.
      I duly tank... and push it all-in.. with a sweet sweet call from the CO!! woohoo a big pot to me right...?

      (not in order shown but its more dramatic this way :) )

      Hero shows TdTc = 4 ofakind Tens

      SB shows AdKs = straight Ten to Ace

      CO shows JdJh = 4 of a kind Jacks....!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!

      Words could not express how shocked and pissed i was...dam it!!!
      haha well i had a good run and the guys who took down that pot made good use of the chips and managed a 3rd place... there were a few sympathy notes at the table of this hand.. but yeh i couldnt think much other than WHY~~~~!

      52nd place got me that o so close taste of tourney winnings!
      All i now know is i gotta respect BRM now on .. and i guess this was a way of the BRM gods giving me a royal bite in the arse for not abiding by it!
      back to the NL10 cashies for me!!!

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