NETeller shareholders arrested

    • Anakha
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      I'm referring to this article:


      So far my feeling about the whole thing was that most americans would get away with playing a little more below the radar, seems like their dictatorsh--- goverment (^^) is serious about it.

      Anybody has some thoughts on this they want to share?

      PS figured this should go to "general poker" since it is t"on-topic", if indirectly, but I won't be offended if you decide to move this to small-talk, Stefan. :)
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    • Stefan1000
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      Yap it really seems like theUS gouvernment gets serious.

      Propably the worst thing are the false arguments, like protecting the own people for gambling but allowing horse races and the own lottery. So sick.

      So we ahve to see what will happen. But i think sooner or later Stars and the others have to leave the US market the question is when.