Small stacks on partypoker

    • undercover82
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      Yesterday as i was observing some high stakes table i saw a player complaining that partypoker is the only site that still allows small stacks. Is this true , and is there a chance that they remove the ability to enter a table shortstacked?
      Does the collaboration between PS and partypoker have something to do with short stacks still being allowed?
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    • Alaton
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      I don't know any site where you are not allowed to play Shortstacked at the tables, standard minimum Buy-in is 20 BB.

      And you can be sure the cooperation between PS and Partypoker existed long before Shortstackstrategy was so widely played by Pokerstrategymembers.
      I myself started with fixed limit too.

      So I don't see our SSS-play in danger.