SSS strategy success *With Graph $2,000 reached

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      I started out very rough, hitting an immediate down swing of 20BIs @ .25/.50. This was probably terrible play, and not really a swing at all actually. I kept reading the articles (very good articles, I love them) and kept at playing as much as I could. Now after about a month of SSS strat, I've played ~55k hands and came back from my down swing, and am up another 47 BIs :D . Right now I'm making 1.3ptBB/100 + rake/bonuses and am up to $2,000 total (with bonuses and rake) this month. I'm moving up to .5/1 as soon as I hit 70k hands, and still beating .25/.50 @ the same rate or more. /brag



      You can view my graph here:

      Around 8800 hands in I changed the way I was playing, and from there on out its been going up.

      I just hit quite a bit of a heater in the last 1k hands, gaining another 10BIs. Before that I was running right on schedule @ 1.0ptbb/100.
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