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Calling preflop raises.

    • Smileyphil
      Joined: 28.10.2008 Posts: 488
      Hi, so far I've been playing quite successfully with a 3bet/fold strategy preflop. The only hand I would consider calling with is a low pocket pair with good implied odds.

      Are there any other hands I should call an inital raise with?

      I often feel stupid calling preflop then folding to a cbet. But are there many situations where it is profitable to call with say KQ? or AQ? Instead of a 3bet?
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    • nafar84
      Joined: 20.09.2008 Posts: 546
      Depends on the opponent, and how comfortable you are with your postflop play. It's easy to spot players who are not that good postflop and can easily be outplayed, especially in position. You don't always have to hit the flop - there are many other factors like your opponent's range, your perceived range & image, flop texture, his tendency to fire second barrels etc...

      Personally I don't like this 3bet strategy and I'd much rather call hands with good playability postflop and IP... also the fact that postlfop play in 3bet pots (i.e. when you get called) is a bit more tricky and high variance and you can find yourself in some very tough spots.