Bonus - Status: Exhausted

    • brafal
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      Recently my bonus was removed from the bonus page on PartyP. I checked history and the status says "Exhausted". What does this really mean? I checked the bonus FAQs and I didnt really understand it. Does this mean that the money are not restricted any more and totaly mine for cashout ? Or I failed the bonus requirements?

      I think this happened when I reached 150 party points.
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    • thunderbird56
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      Hi brafal,

      The loss of your active bonus might result from you accidentally sitting down at a table with more than $50. There is, however, no need to worry. You just need to keep collecting PartyPoint to clear the bonus as normally. Once you reach 300 PartyPoints, please notify our Customer Support via the ticket system. We will then contact Party to reactivate your $100 extra bonus. Please note that you have 90 days from the date you received the $50 bonus to collect 300 PartyPoints.

      Kind Regards,
    • brafal
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      Thats nice to hear that I can still try to reach the goal.

      However I have never set down on a table with 50$. I use the SSS strategy and I have set PP to automatically sit me down on a table with 2$. The max tables that i have played at one moment is probably 9 and not more. There have been mistakes like rebuying on a table for 10$ instead of 2$, but that has not happened on more than 1 table at once.

      The thing is that while I was earning my party points, the amount stated in the Restricted Cash was droping. I tought this is a good thing and that it is happening because I'm earning points.

      The progress of my bankroll looked something like this:
      - Started with 50$
      - Reached 70$
      - Droped to 32$
      - Went up to 115$
      - And droped again to 40$

      Maybe this has something to do with it, not really sure...

      However I'm glad you say I can still continue clearing the bonus.
    • Dendra
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      same thing happened to my 10dollars bonus or whatever - i had to collect 60party points to clear it, the more i played, the less money it said was restricted

      and then like after 12-13party points the bonus suddenly expired, though i got to keep the extra 10bucks so no reason to complain :D
    • monkey0nfire
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      yeh xact same thing happend to me, but swt ill just work toward the 300pts to unlock it!

      @ BRafal : mine happened around 150pts also after a rather up-n-down BR 2!!

      ps: thanks for the response and link to this thread it has def. cleared things up...I sent numerous emails to PP and got even more confused so gave up..but this has so-called 're-kindled' me again!! :f_biggrin:
    • Akwed
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      Hi, can i play step challenge lvl 4 (70$). I got free ticket from lowerest levels(buyin 3$).
      I ask here because i will try this step and i can't loss my 50$ bonus from PS.
      Thx for info
    • MackieeE
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      Its that worth in a form of a ticket, not effecting your actual bank roll at all (You won't get -$50 on account upon entering the table). So no, I wouldn't think it would effect you.