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    • Hrothgarr
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      if u finally make the bonus points and are able to withdraw the money you won, can you get it on a friend's credit card which hasn't got your data?
      And 2nd, could more than one member of the same family complete quizz, get bonus etc?
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    • kingdippy2008
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      Hi Hrothgarr,

      After you have cleared the points for the bonus and the money, the money is yours and you can withdraw it.

      But regarding your question, i believe you would have to contact the poker room where you have requested your money to be sent, because they will deal with the withdrawal, not Pokerstrategy.

      Best wishes,

    • thunderbird56
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      Hi Hrothgarr,

      I can confirm that any payment method used to deposit/ withdraw MUST be in your name and not in other peoples names. So please use your own card/ bank account, etc.

      Best Regards,