Nl 25 -> Nl 50 Fr

    • yac
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      hello, I'm just going to play the higher limit on P* and I'm interested if the skill level at the tables is much higher or simiar to NL25. Give me your opinions!
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    • dadude77
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      I have only played both NL25 and NL50 in SH. There is still a TON of fish, but in general the level of play is elevated. If you're thinking about it, just have a little feeler session. In my opinion is better to play less tables than you usually do, just to get a feel for the new limit!

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    • waiting
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      the brm is the most important thing. so remeber to go back to nl25 if necessary. i think that there is mor skill on nl50, more regs but sure a lot of fishes too.
    • iamblueandurmine
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      Hi YAC heres my experience. I have played on pokerstars, partypoker and full tilt, 25nl 50nl and 100nl for 3 years and just now spend most my time 16-24 tabling 50nl FR on stars. I have a large sample of hands through the different limits and platforms and stars 50nl not only gives me the least bb/100 but it also feels like sometimes your just pissing into the wind against a bunch of regs. There are many regs and the fish are few and far between, the only way round this depends on the time of day you day. I am from the UK and generally will only play before 1pm or after 1am GMT. Again this is my experience but i hope it helps