First $5000......Yay!

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      Not entirely sure how much of a success this is, it somehow doesn't feel like a lot, but I think I'll post anyway with a brief history of my career. The "our successes" forum has always been helpful to inspire me in the past so I thought I'd post.

      My First $5k;

      • June 6th 2008 - Passed $50 starting capital Quiz
      • June 12th - First time I sat down at a table with Real Money!
      • June 15th (I'm guessing) - Posted First hand on Sample Forum
      • Near end of June Roll plummetted to $17 or so. Struggling with SSS!
      • By July 15th Hit Heater, Started NL25!
      • August Downswing followed by immense Heater, $300 so up to NL50 in September!
      • End of September. Reach $800 and start my Blog!
      • End of October; Roll was at $700 i think, then hit bonus, my roll doubled and I went on an NL100 Upswing!
      • Start of November; Shotted NL200, then played too many tables and had a downswing.
      • End of November; Went on an Insane grinding mission and got my roll back with winnings + some other bonus
      • December - April. Roll stayed the same. Skiid, Partied (a LOT), worked. Not enough time for Poker.
      • (Did learn BSS though) NL10 through to NL50 now.
      • May - Started grinding again to unlock buy-a-bonus, Shotted NL400 SSS and my roll shot up from 2200 Euro to 3600 today :D
      • Still more to come. I have another 900 euros of bonus to unlock :)

      So all-in-all even with a lot of time spent doing other things, I've turned my starting $50 from Pokerstrategy into $5000 in just under a year despite just feeling like just a "Break-even Bonus Whore" Thanks PS!
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