Just recently I have come across a situation where a member created a new username on here and tried to create multiple accounts.

He began earning points, but then his activity was discovered so the account was closed down, however by that time he'd built up 20 points.

Naturally I was expecting to be paid for that, but understandably Pokerstrategy upon discovering his activity declined any payment.

My point is, if someone has fraudulently tried to claim money and the account is then closed, could Pokerstrategy not remove his name immediately from my list of referrals and also contact the affiliate to tell them that the persons account has been declined and that no monies will be paid.

It would save me the hassle of then having to contact the helpdesk to find out whats going on. A simple email to me would have told me all I needed to know, and not left me wondering where money is when in fact its not coming at all.