Building my roll

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      Hey All

      Im the new guy around here, but I thought it would be both helpful and fun to start my own little blog here.

      My name is Henrik, Im a 25 years old guy from Denmark, and have been playing poker for a few months now. (so I guess you can call me a complete noob for lack of a better word)

      Atm I play $1 Sng and will keep doing so untill I feel Comfortable on this level.

      I havent played more than a few SnG´s and around 600 hands at a mix of NL5 NL10 and NL20. Im actually a bit up on the cash games but a bit down in the SnG´s so Im currently at a Roll of £250 ($350).

      Well Im off again, but hopefully there will be time for a few SnG´s this weekend.
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