Fixed Limit Questions

    • Gennady007
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      Q1 - The Flop - it says top pair/overpair/flushd/gutchot+over = bet or raise ONCE then call.

      So even if like three people raise IN FRONT - i raise again? and then even if three peopne BEHIND re-raise - I call?

      Just want to make sure.

      Q2 - In the Turn/river play it says to raise two pairs + in various situation.
      You say that TWO PAIR is different from TWO PAIRS, but here it says to raise TWO PAIRS and it seems like it is trying to say TWO PAIR because two pairs is very risky to raise if someone bet behind you.

      Q3 - the term made hand appears alot, but also the understanding of raising with ANY MADE HAND and ANY MADE HAND STARTING WITH TOP PAIR OR BETTER. It would seem that they are not different in the strategy because it recomends some risky raises with ANY MADE HAND. the question is this = when it says ANY MADE HAND - do i consider it to say ANY MADE HAND STARTING WITH TOP PAIR OR BETTER?

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    • harleytopper
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      It depends. But in beginning I advice you fold top pairs, overpairs and gutshots to multiway action (3-bets, CAPS). You can call flush draws in multiway action on flop (even when Capped), because people will pay off in later streets. Basicly it is play by odds and outs (bronze material). If you have confusing situations, post hands in hand review section.

      There are good bronze, silver articles on this topic.


      Two pair and Two pairs has same meaning.

      Hero: AQ
      Flop: AQ9

      You have two pairs.


      Yes made hands are top pair+good/top kicker and better.