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    • IndianLuck
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      Hey, fellow Pokerstrategy.

      This will be my 1nd blog – I first found POKER in March 2009, like a lot of people was immediately hooked. I am from (Mumbai) India & there are very few people here who know anything about poker.

      I wish some experience player can have a look at my stats from Sharkscope and judge my progress in SNG’s. I only play $2 20 or 30 man SNG’s at Mansion. Please feel free to give your opinions, and hope to get some true input from your side as I don't know how to interpret the data. That is, am I on the right track or just playing ok?

      User Name:- Indian PKD
      Games Played:- 286
      First Game:- 15 March 09
      Last Game:- 29 May 09
      Total Rake:- $84.00
      Avg Stake:- $2.00
      Avg. ROI:- 15.00%
      Total ROI:- 16.80%
      ITM:- 37.76%
      Avg. % of field beaten:- 53.72%
      Total Profit:- $99.00

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    • EagleStar88
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      Hey IndianLuck, welcome to PokerStrategy, it's good to see you and congrats on starting your 1st blog.

      Looking forward to hearing how your poker develops over the coming months :)

      Re your stats, I'm no expert, but your ITM & ROI figures look good to me, if you can keep these at the averages shown, you should have a great run :D

      Some of the more experienced members will also comment/provide feedback on them soon I'm sure.

      Keep reading the articles and don't forget we have some great SnG coaching sessions that are fun & informative to attend too.

      Will be following your blog with interest. Good luck and wishing you every success.