Holdem Manager: How do I post hand histories in the PokerStrategy Forum?

    • mishkagg
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      Well I got Holdem Manager and it's working. But I tried to copy -> paste a hand to the Sample hand forum and it's not working, the hand shows as a code.

      I also tried to convert the hand in the PokerStrategy hand converter and that also didn't work.

      How do holdem manager users post hands here for evaluation?

      Thanks in advance! :f_cool:
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    • darkonebg
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      During the hand > click on hud> click on the last pot> a sidebar with the HH opens. Click 2+2 button and paste it to forum.
      In replayer> click on HandHistory cap in the middle of the HEM replayer table> sidebar opens...
    • kingdippy2008
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      Right click on the hand and Click replay hand.

      Then up in the top left there should be a little black thing with white letters saying hand history.

      Click on that then it opens up HH. At the top of that click 2+2 and it copies the hand :)

      Good Luck

    • numpaf
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      Right click on the hand and then click View Selected Hand Histories. Copy/paste the code into PokerStrategy hand converter. :)

      The 2+2 works too, but I think the hands are easier to read with PS hand converter.