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[NL2-NL10] QQ facing a reraise

    • jupiterthegreat999
      Joined: 15.03.2009 Posts: 64
      Firstly Can someone please tell me how to convert hands from Mansion Poker?

      Secondly, can someone please tell how I can get opponent's stats on the converted hand? (I am using trial version of poker tracker)


      This is the hand I wish to post
      <startdate>2009-05-30 03:54:54</startdate>
      - <players>
      <player seat="1" name="ViniHamm" chips="$0.96" dealer="0" win="$0" bet="$0" />
      <player seat="2" name="Miller888ac" chips="$5.72" dealer="0" win="$0" bet="$0" />
      <player seat="3" name="jupiterthegreat" chips="$1.60" dealer="0" win="$0" bet="$1.60" />
      <player seat="4" name="gabi139999" chips="$1" dealer="0" win="$0" bet="$0" />
      <player seat="5" name="FeelTheSoul" chips="$5.20" dealer="1" win="$3.09" bet="$1.60" />
      <player seat="6" name="livercrack" chips="$1.53" dealer="0" win="$0" bet="$0.01" />
      <player seat="8" name="trebear" chips="$2.37" dealer="0" win="$0" bet="$0.02" />
      <player seat="9" name="kevin44xc" chips="$2.38" dealer="0" win="$0" bet="$0" />
      <player seat="10" name="ramongeme" chips="$1.74" dealer="0" win="$0" bet="$0.02" />
      - <round no="0">
      <action no="1" player="livercrack" type="1" sum="$0.01" cards="[cards]" />
      <action no="2" player="trebear" type="2" sum="$0.02" cards="[cards]" />
      - <round no="1">
      <cards type="Pocket" player="ViniHamm">X X</cards>
      <action no="5" player="ViniHamm" type="0" sum="$0" cards="" />
      <cards type="Pocket" player="Miller888ac">X X</cards>
      <action no="6" player="Miller888ac" type="0" sum="$0" cards="" />
      <cards type="Pocket" player="jupiterthegreat">HQ SQ</cards>
      <action no="7" player="jupiterthegreat" type="23" sum="$0.10" cards="" />
      <action no="13" player="jupiterthegreat" type="23" sum="$1.60" cards="" />
      <cards type="Pocket" player="gabi139999">X X</cards>
      <action no="8" player="gabi139999" type="0" sum="$0" cards="" />
      <cards type="Pocket" player="FeelTheSoul">DK SK</cards>
      <action no="9" player="FeelTheSoul" type="23" sum="$0.25" cards="" />
      <action no="14" player="FeelTheSoul" type="3" sum="$1.35" cards="" />
      <cards type="Pocket" player="livercrack">X X</cards>
      <action no="10" player="livercrack" type="0" sum="$0" cards="" />
      <cards type="Pocket" player="trebear">X X</cards>
      <action no="11" player="trebear" type="0" sum="$0" cards="" />
      <cards type="Pocket" player="kevin44xc">X X</cards>
      <action no="3" player="kevin44xc" type="0" sum="$0" cards="" />
      <cards type="Pocket" player="ramongeme">X X</cards>
      <action no="4" player="ramongeme" type="3" sum="$0.02" cards="" />
      <action no="12" player="ramongeme" type="0" sum="$0" cards="" />
      - <round no="2">
      <cards type="Flop" player="">C6 C9 D7</cards>
      - <round no="3">
      <cards type="Turn" player="">HK</cards>
      - <round no="4">
      <cards type="River" player="">CK</cards>
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    • burek2000
      Joined: 16.11.2007 Posts: 3,105
      Hey jupiterthegreat999,

      I tried to convert the hand with 2 converters that always worked for me and both reported error. I can't give you any real advise on how to convert this hand, because I never played on mansion nor used PT3, so all I can advise you is to post for help under Mansion poker forum or under poker software forum. I'm sure somebody will know how to help you out. Until then I will leave this hand unevaluated, because I can't read from this history.