DoNs on PP?

    • manatta
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      Hey..are there Double or Nothing for 1$ at PartyPoker? The minimum I could find so far were 5$ or 6$ I think..

      The thing is I'm tired of those 1$ turbos..Thanks
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi manatta,

      There aren't currently any DoN's lower than the $6 DoN's with a 20% rake ($5+$1) and then the next level up is $11 with a 10% rake ($10+$1).

      Don't forget to stick to BRM though and only move up when ready/sufficient BR. I used to grind these for a while and theres still a lot of variance floating around.

      Concentrate on perfecting your game and I'm sure you will do well on them though, they are beatable.

      Good luck,


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