1 million+ Turbo Takedown @stars

    • anduke
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      Any tips/strategys how to play it. Havent played a tourney which such a huge field before and the structure either i guess. Which videos/articles etc. should i focus on? :f_biggrin: Sorry that i posted it in general, if its not okey then can move/delete but it doesnt get the attention it needs in MTT section.
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    • ihufa
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      I don't think there is something in particular that you should change. Im playing in it too, and my plan is to play a couple of other tourneys at the same time, watching a move too, cus patience is very important, and starring at a single table for 5 hours makes me play pretty bluffy

      Oh and since the money is so far away, u might aswell be playing fearlessly, 3betting light with suited connecters etc though you obviously don't want to spew chips away if you think 3betting in a spot is -chipEV