Raising 4 protection

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      I am strugeling with the concept to raise 4 protection (limit holdem) since sundays coaching. maybe i understand the concept wrong so let me explain how i understand it first.

      I think it is when u have a made hand and raise to make it harder for somebody with a draw to call, so u may knock out somebody.

      Now heres my question whe know a strong draw(or even a flush draw) will call us so if we raise. So why do we still raise if we r just making the pot bigger, and the opponent will more often than not hit the turn or river? Surely it might be better to play a weak made hand?

      If u have any links i can read please post it.


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      Actually against a flush draw he will more often DON'T hit the turn or river.

      He will hit his flush draw about 35% of the time. So our goal is to isolate the draw and to force him to make a bet call (perhaps 2bets) but it is best described in the article: Protection 2.1 [unfortunatly gold article]

      The flop structure is very essential for Protection!

      Take a look at the hands i posted here

      Always think, if there are a lot of cards that can become dangerous for your made hand.


      Board: 227 - You are holding A7 you want to protect directly on the flop!

      Board: 9TsuitedK - You are holding AK but and you have TPTK but you want to protect your hand against all possible draws.

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