Question about initial capital.

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    • thunderbird56
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      Hello DevilChess,

      We give away the starting capital only once. However, actually we do pick up random members to give a second bankroll. Simply keep earning StrategyPoints and if you're lucky, you will get a notification email. ;)

      Kind Regards,
    • DevilChess
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      Sweet :o
      Kk, BTW... I love the SnG tourney articles, they work like some kind of magic :p
      Where I used to hardly be able to play 2 at a time, thinking quite much at each hand I didn't fold.
      Now I'm playing 4 at a time very easily making 1 second decisions, I'll start 6-tabling next session ;)
      Many $$$ for all! (except for the fish... they just.... SHOW ME THE MONEY!)