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Very Very Difficult

    • Gennady007
      Joined: 25.05.2009 Posts: 31
      How am I supposed to earn 500VPP on PokerStars?

      they say you get the ''first'' for a raked hand where the rake reaches 0.40cents!!!!

      second for 3.00USD!!!!!!
      third for 5.00USD!!!!!!!!!!!

      this is impossibe for anything until like fixed limit 2.5/5USD???

      the rake rarely ever reaches anything near 40cents on any table i play on as a beginner, actally no wait...IT NEVER DOES

      Or am i mistaken? Perhaps all th little rakes like 1,2,3,4,5 cents add up to the 40? ad then tothe 3USD?

      Please help I Must be missing something!

      edit - I have seenthe VPP chart on the forum....but i dont understand it, especially the SH FH? I play fixed limit 0.05/0.10 right now to warm up for the 0.10/0.20 and i have 0 VPP for playing for almost 2 hours. On party poker i get like 4 ponts by thi time minimum.

      So would you suggest leaning NL and then playing SSS, or should i play tournaments? Fixed limit is imposible until Ihave a big bank roll, at whih point i won't care if i lose 50USD. The artcles on FixedLimit, especially the bronze can be very difficult to master, I have mastered basic because i wrote it all down in a flowchart regarding the flop trn river strats.But with bronze it will take too log too master andthen win AND yet again then play higher limit to gain 500VPP
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    • Schnitzelfisch
      Joined: 08.11.2008 Posts: 4,952

      The easiest way to clear the starting capital on pokerstars is either by playing SNGs or SSS (short stack strategy). If you are playing fixed limit, this will be a bit harder to clear but in the 3 months (the time for clearance) you should be able to move up in limits and collect the neccessary points without much troubles :) .

      The VPP collecting system is like this:

      -You collect one VPP for 40c of rake in ONE hand. This means the pot must be $8 big for you to collect the VPP, and you do not need to participate in the hand (you can just get the cards dealt then fold and you will still get the VPP).

      -for the 2nd and 3rd VPP in one hand the pot should be way bigger, I do not know how big exactly but I predict that about $50 for the 2nd, which can be reachable on FL 1/2, you need a $600 bankroll for that though.

      You will begin collecting VPPs at FL 0.25/0.50 for which you need a 150$ bankroll (which is not hard to make since the lowest limits of fixed limit are really easy to beat as long as you stick to the strategy and the starting hand charts).

      It is completely up to you which style of poker you choose, fixed limit might seem a bit complicated at the beginning, but I am sure you'll understand the basic concept within 5k-10k hands played. You should watch the cornholio's FL video series for easier understanding of the game along with the other videos and attend coachings to improve your knowledge. A smart thing to do would also be to post the hands which you were unsure if you played them right in the hand evaluation section on the forum so I can judge them and explain to you how you should play them ;) . As I mentioned before, you should not have any troubles with building your bankroll to $150+ within the 3 months and clearing the bonus.

      For faster clearance of the bonus you should play SSS and SNG's (if you feel like you are in a hurry, which doesn't make much sense though since three months is plenty of time), but I reccommend you to play the style of poker that you like the most :) .