If i made a video, could a coach analyze my play?

    • DecMate
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      If i made a video, could a coach analyze my play? I'm going to download camstasia again and was just wondering because i'd like to plug some leaks i may have! Thanks :)
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    • cannell555
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      Hi DecMate,

      I highly doubt a PS coach will evaluate your video, however some of the higher members might.

      What limits and variant of poker will the video be about?

      Best regards,
    • TheBu11d0g
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      Hello DecMate,

      As Stiev has pointed out already, i doubt if a PS Coach will be able to evaluate it for you but you can post it the Self Study and Management thread where other members will be able to evaluate your play for you.

      Kind Regards,
    • DecMate
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      I wan't to do some heads up SnG's and 6 Handed SnG's, and maybe some cash ring games.

      And ok i'll give it a shot! :f_biggrin:
    • ptmx
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      How are you planning on uploading the video? I've been thinking about doing this myself and hoping that some generous person will review it, but I imagine that a 30+ minute video with a resolution that makes the tables viewable will be a pretty big file. I figure I'll make a video anyhow--even if I never upload it, I think if I have to reason out loud about my hands then I'll probably play better and benefit from that whether or not anyone reviews my session.
    • martizzo
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      Use camtasia for screen recording. Reduce framerate at options which helps you to reduce filesize. Then upload in few mirrors rapidshare, megaupload. Thats isn't very hard as it may look.