MCP -> PS conversion

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      Hi guys, sorry if has been discussed elsewhere but I couldn't find any related topic... maybe I;m just bad at search... anyway...

      How does it work with the MCP / PS conversion?
      My PS points are calculated on the base of my rake or on the MCP I produce?

      Example: let's keep it simple. 1$ rake gives 1MCP which is 1PS. I know it's not this way but I'm interested in the concept, real numbers can be gained elsewhere.

      Happy hours like today produce 1$/2MCP/2PS?
      Or PS is still the same so we have 1$/2MCP/1PS?

      And what about VIP bonus?
      I've reached enough points to be Club, hence I'll have 50% bonus soon enough.
      Do we have 1$/1.5MCP/1.5PS?
      Or yet again 1$/1.5MCP/1PS?

      Reason tells me that PS should not be affected by bonuses in any way, so it should be 1$/1PS in any case as PS should get paid on our rake production and not on our MCP production, but I'd just like to be sure.
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