FTP bonus and low limit SSS

    • WildBeans
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      How many hands do you think someone would have to go through on NL10 or NL25 on full tilt in order to get the 10000 ftps for the $600 deposit bonus?
      I'm considering lending my brother $600 but only for the bonus, so I want him to use only $100 of it as his bankroll. That means low limit grinding.
      But at the same time I do want my money back at some stage. Do you think it's worth it? How long would it take? etc etc - I'm going to make him use SSS...

      Any comments, information, suggestions are appreciated.

      sharp sharp
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    • slikec
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      Well i was clearing FDB at FTP playing SSS NL25/Nl50. At NL25 i think if you play 13-15tables you make around 45FTPs hour at NL50 70FTPs hour but i am not sure since is long time ago.