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Mr. haZ's 1000$ Challenge

    • haZardus
      Joined: 22.03.2008 Posts: 23
      Hello everyone! This is just another blog featuring monetary goals, and by that I mean earning 1000$ from 60$ BR by playing mainly SNG's in the beggining and later combining it with SSS NL. Here is some info about me (I hope Yax won't mind for stealing his blog "template" :D ).

      Playing Nick: HAZARDUS13 @ PartyPoker
      Country: Croatia
      Age: 20 (May 8th, 1989)
      Games: Texas Hold'em NL - SSS & SNG
      Limits: NL10 SSS & 1$ SNG

      I started playing poker 2 years ago, got hooked by watching various poker TV shows. After a while, I bought poker chips and started playing with my friends. We didn't really know what we were doing, mixing cash and SNG and arguing what's stronger - full house or flush. I just know that almost every day I went home as a winner, probably because I was playing tighter than them and they just wouldn't give me a credit when I had a hand. We were playing all the time and eventually I found out about online poker and deposited money on PartyPoker. Without BRM and proper strategy, it didn't last too long. I don't actually remember how many deposits I did before finding PokerStrategy, but I'm glad I did. Since I couldn't use PS bonus at Party, I chose Titan Poker. I didn't bother reading articles and watching videos, I just wanted to start playing ASAP and again, I lost 50$ in few hours. After loss streak, I finally came to sense. I realized that nothing falls from sky and if you want something, you must learn and eventually earn it. It applies to everything in life, so does in poker. I started reading strategy guides and noticed that my game went to a whole new level. Just around that time, I got 15$ bonus on PartyPoker. By just reading bronze category I was in front of most online players in low limit SNG's. And so I played and got to 50$ in a day, but without proper BRM. Later I started watching videos which helped me more because now I could see and hear what I've read in strategy section. With my 50$, I got to 200$ by playing 3$ SNG's. I've withdrawn 100$ and continued to play with another 100$. There were lots of upswings, downswings and all kinds of swings that go along poker, and to cut the long story short I got to 400$ in few months. Being a moron as I am, one night I got drunk with my friend and lost it all at roulette. Next day when I woke up, I couldn't believe what I've done. I was repeating to myself "Roulette is for idiots who rely on luck, even if you win something, you'll eventually lose it all" and sworn I'm never going to play it again. All those months of playing were lost because I wanted to make some easy money. I could progress with that BR really fast because 6$ SNG's on Party are easy beatable, but no, I decided to be an idiot gambler and put it all at devil's wheel. Now I'm a year older and I've worked a lot on my game psychology so I can ride with downswings without going on tilt and avoid gambling of all kinds. For those of you who are actually still reading this and didn't fall asleep yet, especially for beginners on low limits, I want to say that it's not easy following BRM and playing by strategy, because you can play 10 000 hands and still be breakeven, but eventually you'll progress and in long term you're gonna be a winner. What makes poker different from other games is that you make your own decisions, you don't depend on some random number generator, computer or wheel, it's just you against other people, and if you're playing it right, you'll be the one taking all the money. As Doyle Brunson said: "Poker isn't about winning or losing. It's about making right decisions.".

      • Play according to strategy with proper BRM [o]
      • Update blog after every session [o]
      • Post my hands on forum and study hands from other players [x]
      • Get to 1000$ with 60$ TAF bonus [x]

      • 30$ - 90$ › 1$ SNG & NL10 SSS
      • 91$ - 240$ › 3$ SNG & NL25 SSS
      • 241$ - 440$ › 6$ SNG & NL50 SSS
      • 441$ - 882$ › 11$ SNG & NL50 SSS
      • 883$ - 1000$ › 22$ SNG & NL100 SSS Adv.

      • CURRENT BANKROLL: 66,34$ USD
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