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Any idea how to avoid idiots???

    • cvora
      Joined: 01.02.2009 Posts: 108
      Blinds are 40/80 MTT, i played 2 hands till now. have AA on button, 4 callers till me, my stack is 1100, and i raise 480, and get SB and BB called ( have to mention that BB have 1180 in stack). Flop reads K 10 5, SB checks, BB goes All in and i pay.... BB have K 10 suited !!???!! I lost and get out of tourney by lucky hit, but what interest me is what BB thinks i have....
      1) That was Third hand i play from begining (played very tight.. AQ suited and JJ till moment) Lost both of them
      2) I invest 1/3 of my stack in that hand so i am all in on flop in almost any case
      3) Even if i havent made hand, he probably have 3 outs ( i play AK, KQ, like that) or QQ JJ
      4) What he expects to hit?? Does he thinks on flop that i had maybe KK in hand... 10 10 also....

      I have terrible downswing last 2 weeks and lost 80% of time from miracle flops and lucky hits.... AK vs K9, AQ vs Q10, KK vs A7 etc.... In MTT I play few hands but play them strong so opponents have to invest much chips in pot against me, and they hit flops like crazy......

      How You people play against men like BB aka lucky hitter????????????
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    • ihufa
      Joined: 18.03.2008 Posts: 3,323
      u increase ur samplesize and tell him "nh sir"
    • nafar84
      Joined: 20.09.2008 Posts: 546
      In low buy-in tournaments most opponents will only display Level 1 thinking i.e. "what do I have?"... they won't care about anything else.

      (Level 1: What do I have?
      Level 2: What does my opponent have?
      Level 3: What does my opponent think I have?
      Level 4: What does my opponent think that I think they have?
      Level 5: What does my opponent think that I think they think I have?)

      Therefore, as long as they have a pretty-looking (preferably suited) hand:

      1) They don't care about your image or how tight you've been playing.

      2) They don't care how much of your stack you have invested.

      3) They don't care about stupid stuff like ranges & outs.

      4) They don't care about what they are expecting to hit.

      They only care about their hand. So you should be very happy to be playing against Level 1 players, because Level 5 players will exploit your every weakness and will practically read (and eat) your soul!
    • LuborC
      Joined: 20.04.2008 Posts: 1,243
      Or you tell him "nh sir" and then increase your sample size. Those are basically thhe two options here..
    • EagleStar88
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 7,359
      The only way to completely avoid idiots is by not playing poker.

      You will always come across such poor players, but you actually want to. They will pay you off more times than suk out on you over the longer term.

      Just take it on the chin and move on. As long as you stick to a solid game and don't let others play influence your head, you should win more than lose in the long run.

      Good luck,

    • jupiterthegreat999
      Joined: 15.03.2009 Posts: 64
      I have to say you should be happy. If you use fulltilt, write his name down in find a player tool and sit on his table everytime he sits down. You will make a profit in the long run I am sure. Idiots suckout, but have you never sucked out before?
      Some idiot paid me off 2 stacks in 3 hands because she plays hands like KT and won't lay it down despite I might have a better kicker when the flop was K99. You should be glad, not making a fuss here. You are saying, "I am losing because I am playing against a retard, how do I avoid this?" which is equivalent to saying "I cannot beat a retard".
    • Jackalof
      Joined: 08.06.2008 Posts: 1,462
      use anti-idiot spray :f_cool:
    • rhinoneil
      Joined: 16.04.2008 Posts: 1,159
      The last thing you want to do is avoid the idiots.
      What you want to do is make a note of them, the actively seek them out each time you play.
      The more you play them, the more often your superior play will be rewarded by idiot play.
      Of course they sometimes suck out, but if they didnt win occasionally, they would leave.
      So be thankful for the suck outs and look forward to the long term profit.
      Its no use taking the suck out, then avoiding them because that way you cant get your money back and you will end up playing only good players who may be better than you.
    • AussieIan
      Joined: 10.12.2007 Posts: 366
      i can echo the previous comments...the first thing you do with an idiot is add them to your buddy list. I always check my buddy list as soon as i log in so i know any tables to target....though i think one of them may be on to me (i showed up at his table 3 times in an hour, and he was only playing one table at a time!!)
    • jupiterthegreat999
      Joined: 15.03.2009 Posts: 64
      buddy list... lol....
      they are your best friends