Are the bots killing me?

    • GreenEggs
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      Does it really matter if I'm plaing SSS against bots or humans? I am down a lot after many thousands of hands at PokerStars. I wonder if I am being cheated by colluders or if the bots are just so good that even by rigidly following the starting hand charts and following the SSS rules, that I can't beat them.

      Does anyone have such a worry?
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    • Jackalof
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      Autobots, a faction of sentient robots from the planet Cheatoria!

      Seriously thou, being down after many thousand hands could mean:
      - bad luck (variance);
      - deviation from SSS;

      As everyone here, I would advise posting hands in sample hands forum, rereading articles. When I'm on downswing, I try analysing my play, finding leaks, but never blaming opponents. Sure it would make me feel better if I, instead of re-evaluating my play, would just shout "omg RIGGED", but that wouldn't help me for sure.

      I wish you good luck and patience - SSS definately does work, even against autobots!
    • mishkagg
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      Play your game, dude! On the limits up to NL50 the most basic SSS works just fine and it doesn't matter what your opponent is. You flopped crap against one villain? Conti-bet! If it's more than 1/2 of your stack - go all in! You get an overpair - go all in. You get TPTK - you go all in. Someone reraised your QQ preflop? Go all in. You have a flush draw? Go all in! It doesn't matter if your opponent is fucking durr! You go all in when you have a hand and it's up to your opponent to react to your aggression.

      And well - if you decide to play hands that are not like in the SHC but are looking good like ATs or KJs or play out of position - well you deserve what's coming!
    • Alafoe
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      What takes you down is most probably rake.
    • MrPavlos
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      I cant get u guys.We all got here Gerv+many other pokerstrategists who i think have proven quite good that the SSS system works and is profitable.
      Why u post threads asking if it works?

      So there is a strategy that many people followed and have a good profit,that means that either they are extra good players either the rest do something wrong.Oh and btw i never liked SSS,and although i tryed it several times it never worked out for me,and instead of posting threads and asking if it really works i found something that i was better at.

      Good luck at the tables

    • suvalgysiu
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      Forget this ridiculous jibberish about some variance or deviation, it's bots and only bots, goddamn metalheads!
    • TheBrood
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      I was accused of being a bot the other day.

      Felt great.