Avg winrates for good players at the lower limits?

    • Mugge88
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      I was wondering where the good players could make the best income (in BB's).

      I have often heard that a good player should be able to make around 2BB/100 in the lower FL FR games.

      What would a good avg winrate be in:
      FL SH?
      NL FR?
      NL SH?

      Just to avoid misunderstanding i'm talking of a winrate which can be kept over time (lets say 50k hands just to put a number)

      Thanks in advance
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    • Stefan1000
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      uhm i can only talk about Fixed.

      So 2BB/100 LONGTERM is a very good value for most players!
      But even a winrate of 1BB/100Hands is good.

      I think more important then your winrate is to never ever stop learning and never loose the will to improve your game.