FL FR vs SH for beginner.

    • mChavez
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      Hi all!

      I've started playing FL 0.25/0.5 recently and I'm doing allrightish on FR now. I work on my game and it seems to become better.

      However, I prefer to play 1 table a time, so I'm thinking of switching to SH, so I won't be getting so bored.

      Is there much difference between FR and SH? Should I have more practice in FR before switching to SH, cause I'm just a beginner.

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    • Schnitzelfisch
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      Hello mChaves!

      SH compared to FR is a bit looser game, a fishier game with less TAGs and it brings you more HU situations, which means it is good to know the standard playing styles well.

      I do not think it is neccessary to play FR before playing SH, especially if you stick to the SHC and begin with playing one table, it shouldn't be hard. I can advise you to concentrate on getting reads and notes on every oponnent on the table, this way your winrate should be quite nice.

      Good luck with SH and I'll see you in the hand evaluation section!


    • ciRith
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      Hi mChavez,

      SH is a much more aggressive game. You are in a lot more hands and a lot of them are really close. So if you are not 100% confident with your postflopgame right now at FR then stay to FR a bit longer.

      It's very important to read all SH articles and post many hands (especially where you folded as you fold more at FR and it's hard to calldwon with mediocre hands in the beginning).

      As you play more margnal hands your variance will be higher too. Don't be upset if you lose a stack within 5 minutes. Because of the higher losses the risk to start tilting is higher. I advise you to make a stop loss in the beginning. Let's say you stop whenever you lost more than 50BB.
    • phiRO
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      I've just started playing FL and am finding that there aren't many/any FR tables available during the day[CET] at everest. Therefore I am now starting to play more SH.

      Anyways now some questions to FR vs SH:

      - Should I loosen up the FR SHC or still use the chart given in the basic section.

      - I noticed that some people usually play SH at a lower level than FR. Should I play a level under my bankroll or is the .05/.10 level in itself not a good place to learn FL? (I play .1/.2 FR)

      -Are there any other things I can tweek in the FR strategy to make it more SH compatible?

      Oh and lastly. Are there only silver+ SH articles?

    • Berkstajger
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      1. It's hard to say in general not explaining the whole silver chart what is probably against the rules. The game is definitely more loose and aggresive, you very rarely limp preflop, most of the time it's just raise or fold. I would suggest you stick to FR until you reach silver, because you'll lose a lot of value playing by bronze SHC.

      2. True. PS BRM suggests 500 BBs instead of 300 like in FR for the next limit.

      3. More semibluffing and cbetting with overcards. Helps to have a tracker with hud stats...

      4. Yes, only silver+ afaik.