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Hi All!!!

    • oAndyKellyo
      Joined: 13.05.2009 Posts: 6
      Hi All.
      Just to say what an excellent site! Am looking forward to getting to Silver level to take advantage of the articles there.
      Does anyone have any advice about what they feel is the best Poker site to play on?
      My $50 starting capital went into PokerStars and I find it hard to find tables at the 5c/10c level where you will have less than 2 short stacks along with all the other optimal conditions for SSS to be effective.
      Also does anyone else find at the5c/10c level that they come up against manyplayers using ANY TWO? When you are absolutely positive that your set of Kings have won the hand only for the cards to turn over and reveal that the guy had re-raised you before the flop with 3/6os, and to top it all beats 3Kings with 3-7 straight. When scenarios like this occur more than 3 times in a sitting , one begins to wonder has the villain got inside info.(One guy is claiming that after years of studying PokerStars he has a system available that reads the algorithms!??! hence this is why we come up against this kind of play on PokerStars. $24 for the download!!) Absurd, I know but at times it does make ya think!
      Anyhow, certain situations have caused me to go on tilt occasionally, and through your articles I realise once is one time too many. I am going to try BSS at a higher level as an experiment and any IMPARTIAL tips on good sites would be greatly appreciated.
      I look forward to winning, with the help and advice of this site. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
      ANDY K =)
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    • Gafny
      Joined: 05.11.2008 Posts: 337
      Everest, Bwin, Cake, Pacific are the sites that I find to have the least sss'ers so you should try there.

      For any complaints about "rigged" sites please find your way to the PokerStars forum and join all the other whiners there :s_biggrin:
    • EagleStar88
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 7,359
      Welcome to PokerStrategy Andy, it's good to have you join our happy community :)

      Poker site preference is very subjective with each player preferring different sites due to different factors.

      You can of course have a quick read through the poker site forums on this site and also this is a very good thread that might help in your decision, it's based on the 1st deposit bonuses, but contains good information for those using the $50 starting capital too.

      Wishing you every success and enjoyment in your poker, look forward to hearing how your game develops over time.

      Best regards,