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People keep check raising me (SSS)

    • ShinShya
      Joined: 20.04.2009 Posts: 90

      So I'm trying to deal with a fairly big problem, but I'm not sure exactly how. People keep check raising me all in on the flop and I'm not sure how to respond to it. Here is an example:

      I'm UTG with AKo, I raise, SB calls everyone else folds.

      Flop comes: 2h 6d 9s

      SB checks, I continuation bet a little less than 2/3rds the pot, he pushes. It happens all the time. Most of the time they've got a small piece of this flop, like maybe they have A6 or 39, just trash hands. Though sometimes, I've noticed, they will do this with total air, just because they don't think I hit anything. Its really been bugging me, some advice would be nice!

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    • andyb43
      Joined: 23.07.2008 Posts: 903
      two answers........

      Check behind if second to act. Gives you chance to improve w free card

      The flops you describe means that villian most likely missed as well.

      Or call the check may be ahead. Even if not the villain knows you don't fold so easily. You will also still have outs against small pairs such as JJ QQ.
    • Termi8r
      Joined: 04.02.2008 Posts: 408
      Hi ShinShya,

      It depends on the pot size, if you have less than 1.5x pot size then push directly after a check. Sometimes they call with retarded hands but they do the same when you push with AA on that flop. It also depends on the opponent if it is a TAG, calling station, retard etc.

      You could also try and get the free card if you think your opponent might have you beat.

    • STR82ACE
      Joined: 01.10.2008 Posts: 389
      I found that alot of donkeys abuse the check/raise to a fault. If I have any history of the player, I will make a judgement call based on his stats. If he's notoriously loose against me, I'll call. If I find him to be a TAG with a decent amount of hands against them, I'll fold to it.

      I think player stats have to take a more serious role in your decision making in this situation.
    • DaPhunk
      Joined: 01.03.2008 Posts: 2,805
      I think you may find these stats useful;

      Fold to Cbet%

      Raise Cbet%
    • Ishindar
      Joined: 31.12.2008 Posts: 259
      agree with Daphunk, stats are the key here. to many people play robot style, their hole cards and the flops they see. the key to winning is also to play your opponent.
    • tokyoaces
      Joined: 01.04.2009 Posts: 1,883
      Also, if these guys are regulars they might know the short stack strategy. On a flop of all low cards they know you didn't hit so you end up playing your cards face-up.

      Like many people mentioned before the only counter is stats and player notes.