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      hi everyone , :D ,i have been with p.s .com for two months now, haven't had time to write a blog because of studying SnG material and watching vids reading other peoples blogs etc,etc ;) so what can i say ? I wanna go pro defo ,why? After damaging my back i had to give up my profession as a mechanic and all that is on offer as work is min wage X( . played cards at school rummy, 3 card brag ,21 and trumps after that did not play cards until last year when i stopped working and the poker craze started to kick off ,played with a few friends a couple of times, loser had to drink coctail of of olive oil tabasco sauce and whatever else they could think of to put in there ?( i never lost :) but quickly stopped playing their silly game lol.started playing for play money built up a beautiful br (play money)thought yes i'm going to play real money and gonna get rich quick :tongue: so put my money on real cash tables ha ha went broke in about 1month and a half (250$ roughly)had 10$ left.had really nice results in freeroll mtts though best place 8th out of 8000 on partypoker after that i played mtt on pokerstars was in about 156th place out of 3000 when got chatting to one of your members and thats how i found out about ps ,checked out the site and joined up :) got the 50$ ty ps read half the articles joined a new pokersite started sss found this boring ,,watched a video of chenny 888 and said thats for me..SnGs.so where am i after 2 months cleared my bonus and with rakeback finished with 60$ but hated the site where i was too many people sucking out on me AA AK QQ vs jx kx qx off suited i know this happens but found it happening more than it should imo ,as was following icm and adjusting to players and using sng wizard for a while to check my game (trial period has now run out ) :( started to doubt the whole strategy system ?( .so cleared my bonus :) 2 days ago.decided to cash out half my money and join another platform wow what a difference!people who know how to lay their cards down .i now confirm that the ps strategy works,have only played about 15 1$ 10 man games and 2 10 man 2$ double ups ,profit 15$ :P you may say this is just upswing but i think not we shall see ???hope i have not bored you all will write again soon with my progress; ;) Big Big thank you to all staff and coaches good stuff.ps as i have changed site will i still be tracked am only a few hundred points away from gold i also changed my screen name on new site?ty
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