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Playing KK

    • Jeero
      Joined: 23.04.2009 Posts: 114
      I often find myself in this situation and I would like to determine the best way to play this hand. So I have pocket kings and therefore raise preflop and villain cold calls. The flop shows A-brick-brick, I bet and get raised. I know that an awful lot of players will cold call with any ace (in the micro limits anyway). So, my thought process has been to simply call down until the river (obviously if I improve I will re-evaluate my line). I figured that if the blinds fold, the pot has 2.75 BB preflop, and by the river it will have 6.75 BB's. Of this amount I wil have to pay 2.5 BB's after villain raises to keep him honest. So keeping him honest, villian would have to be bluffing once every 2.7 times in order for me to make a profit (not taking into account the times when I improve). My question is therefore; is it reasonable to assume that in the given situation, in the micro limits, will the average unknown player (whom I have no read on) bluff more than once every 2.7 times?

      Also, how does this change if instead of a bet-raise situation, villain check-raised? Or if there are two opponents. Finally, how does this situation differ if I had QQ and the flop showed King-brick-brick instead.

      I find it extremely difficult to fold pockets Kings even in the midst of an ace on the flop, but I have found myself losing a lot of money calling down to the flop in this situation.

      BTW, if there are flaws in my logic, please let me know.
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    • harleytopper
      Joined: 28.09.2007 Posts: 680
      I must warn, I'm not FL expert... But I think against agressive players this is WA/WB situation after flop raise. Against passives it's check/fold on turn.

      Check raise looks stronger, but it depends on situation. In blind battle I never fold. If I played against him last 3 pots I never fold. On other hand, if he does it out of nowere I can fold on turn, because board has no draws.

      Against 2 opponents raise most of the times means protection, and it will be ace most of the times unless player is capable to defend this way 99,88 or similar hands.
    • Schnitzelfisch
      Joined: 08.11.2008 Posts: 4,952

      Yes, this is pretty much a Wa/Wb situation.

      You should pretty much always call down HU here because villain can be bluffing/semi bluffing. If he is REALLY passive (like AF 0.0-0.2) you might consider folding, otherwise not. It also depends on the flop texture as many people bet draws.

      Multiway it gets a bit more complicated and it depends on the flop texture again. I think that if it's a very dry board and you get raised in a multiway pot you should call flop, then if you're HU you call down even unimproved, if more than one oponnent remains in the hand with you there is nothing wrong with folding turn unimproved. If you're HU and a flush draw completes you can fold sometimes as well (depends on your reads on the oponnent), but usually you should be able to call down.

      Just observe the table, make notes on players and don't grind too much ;) .


    • Jeero
      Joined: 23.04.2009 Posts: 114
      Thanks for your input guys. I will definately keep these things in mind when this situation comes up again. It's really difficult to give up pocket kings, but in many situations I guess it's really just one pair. I think this is often going to be a very tricky situation and having reads on opponents is therefore key.

      Thanks again!
    • TTT241
      Joined: 27.09.2008 Posts: 452
      As mentioned, against 3+ oponents is A on board usulally easy fold.

      With 2 opponents the situation gets harder and you have to trust a little to your observation skills and you might also try check-raise line, to get free turn card if in possition.

      But on lower limits you will not see so many agressive players who will be raising MP, flushdraws, OESDs.